Classical facial cleansing 25 EUR
Mechanical facial cleansing 25 EUR
Classical facial cleansing + massage 28 EUR
Ultrasound facial treatment 29 EUR
Facial cleansing for young (up to 16-year-olds) 20 EUR
Massage with mask 20 EUR
Face, Neck and Decolletage Massage 11 EUR
Quick beauty treatment (peeling, mask, creams) 15 EUR
Back cleansing 25 EUR
Facial treatment for men 25 EUR
Chemical Peeling for face 50 EUR
“Yellow Peel” skin renewing peeling 60 EUR
Nanotechnologal treatment with Vitamin-C 38 EUR
Anesi Infini Jeunesse – anti-wrinkle intensive treatment 38 EUR
Diamond Dermabrasion 38 EUR
Biodroga MD AH treatment 36 EUR


Lower legs 15 EUR
Full legs 24 EUR
Forearms 10 EUR
Arms 15 EUR
Bikini wax 12 EUR
Brasilian bikini wax (for women) 25 EUR
Facial area 4 EUR
Underarms 8 EUR
Back 20 EUR


Daily make-up 15 EUR
Evening make-up 20 EUR
Bridal make-up 30 EUR
Make-up removing 3 EUR
Chemical dyeing of eyelashes 4 EUR
Correction of eyebrows 4 EUR
Dyeing of eyebrows 4 EUR
Design of eyebrows 5 EUR